How to Consign

Consignment TermsKiki D. Design, LLC dba Kiki D. Design & Consign (“KKDC”) accepts high end designer women’s clothing, handbags, accessories, jewelry and other items for consignment.

Item Condition:  Items must be season appropriate, clean and preferably on hangers or neatly folded.  Items should be no more than 2 years old with no tears, stains, moth holes, missing buttons or broken zippers.  Please check items prior to consigning for odors, especially moth ball, must or smoke.  Any cleaning or repair of consigned items as determined by KKDC will be performed at the consignor’s expense.

PricingItems placed on consignment are generally priced at approximately one third of initial retail price.  Highly sought after items or those bearing original sales tags may be priced higher.  Prices will be reduced on items the longer they remain in inventory.  KKDC reserves the right to price and mark down items without consulting the consignor.

Consignment Period:  KKDC accepts items on consignment for 60 days.  Subject to prior sale consignors may pick up consigned items at any time during the consignment period.  Consignors wishing to retrieve unsold items at the end of the 60 day consignment period must contact KKDC at least 3 days prior to the end of such 60 day period so that items can be pulled from inventory.  Items must be picked up within 1 week after contacting us.  Items not retrieved in this time period will become the property of KKDC and may be retained, donated or distributed at the sole discretion of KKDC.  IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSIGNOR TO INQUIRE AS TO WHETHER AN ITEM HAS SOLD, AND TO CONTACT AND ARRANGE FOR PICK-UP OF UNSOLD ITEMS.

Payment Consignors will be paid 50% of the final selling price of their items excluding all taxes.  Payments will be made to consignors monthly for items sold the month prior.  No checks will be issued for less than $20.00, and amounts owed will be accumulated until the $20 minimum has been achieved.

Consigned Merchandise Care:  KKDC will make reasonable efforts to care for your items while they are in-store on consignment.  KKDC is not responsible for damage caused by mishandling, or damage or loss resulting from theft or fire or for any other reason.

General All consignments shall be on the terms and conditions contained herein.  By your consignment of an item, you represent, warrant and agree that an item is genuine, that you have good title to it and all right to consign it, and that you will indemnify, defend and hold KKDC harmless for any breach of the foregoing. KKDC shall not under any circumstances be liable for any failure of a consigned item to sell, and all consignment services are provided as is, where is, without representation or warranty of any kind.  All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place in or nearest to Newton, MA.  Notwithstanding anything stated herein KKDC reserves the right to wave any requirements, and to accept, reject, price, mark down and/or return any item in its sole discretion.  In no event shall KKDC be liable for incidental,  special or consequential damages of any kind.  KKDC records shall be binding on all parties in absence of clear error.

By my signature below, I confirm that I have fully read and understand and agree to all of the foregoing terms and conditions and am signing of my own free will: 

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Kiki D. Design, LLC – 214 Sumner Street – Newton, MA  02459 –  (617)467-4153

Located right next to Lee’s Burgers and across the street from the old post office and “Icon Salon”

Hours:  Mondays 12-5pm, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am to 5pm, Thursday 11am to 7pm. Closed Sunday. No appointment necessary.

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